NÓMADAS is OBando’s most recent creation, directed and dramaturgically curated by João Neca with Ana Lúcia Palminha and Rita Brito in the cast.
Bando’s first premiere of 2023 is part of the international project PLAY ON [link], a large-scale European network involving nine companies from different countries that propose to integrate new technologies into theatrical creation as a way of transfiguring the scenic narrative.

Through a partnership with the Robotics Department of the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, the scenic space of NÓMADAS will be inhabited by an automated robot that, with the actresses, will draw the theatrical narrative. Through a partnership with the Dortmund-based collective Cistifellea, visual artist Elena Tilli is responsible for the creation and design of video and technology, and Colombian musician Nico Yurgaki takes on the sound design and music of the show.
NÓMADAS also has set design by Rui Francisco, costumes by Catarina Fernandes, light design by João Neca and Rita Louzeiro, support to the corporality by Catarina Câmara, assistance to the artistic direction by Raul Atalaia, research by Nuno Atalaia, production by Diana Martins.



NÓMADAS es la creación más reciente de OBando, con dirección y dramaturgia de João Neca y con Ana Lúcia Palminha y Rita Brito en el reparto.
El primer estreno de 2023 de Bando forma parte del proyecto internacional PLAY ON [enlace], una red europea a gran escala en la que participan nueve compañías de diferentes países que se proponen integrar las nuevas tecnologías en la creación teatral como forma de transfigurar la narrativa escénica.

A través de una colaboración con el Departamento de Robótica del Instituto Politécnico de Guarda, el espacio escénico de NÓMADAS estará habitado por un robot automatizado que, junto con las actrices, dibujará la narrativa teatral. A través de una colaboración con el colectivo Cistifellea, con sede en Dortmund, la artista visual Elena Tilli se encarga de la creación y el diseño del vídeo y la tecnología, y el músico colombiano Nico Yurgaki asume el diseño sonoro y la música del espectáculo.
NÓMADAS cuenta también con escenografía de Rui Francisco, vestuario de Catarina Fernandes, diseño de luces de João Neca y Rita Louzeiro, apoyo a la corporalidad de Catarina Câmara, asistencia a la dirección artística de Raul Atalaia, investigación de Nuno Atalaia, producción de Diana Martins.



NÓMADAS è la creazione più recente di OBando, diretta e curata drammaturgicamente da João Neca con Ana Lúcia Palminha e Rita Brito nel cast.
La prima assoluta di Bando 2023 fa parte del progetto internazionale PLAY ON [link], una rete europea su larga scala che coinvolge nove compagnie di diversi Paesi che si propongono di integrare le nuove tecnologie nella creazione teatrale come un modo per trasfigurare la narrazione scenica.

Grazie alla collaborazione con il Dipartimento di Robotica del Politecnico di Guarda, lo spazio scenico di NÓMADAS sarà abitato da un robot automatizzato che, insieme alle attrici, disegnerà la narrazione teatrale. Grazie alla collaborazione con il collettivo Cistifellea di Dortmund, l’artista visiva Elena Tilli è responsabile della creazione e del design di video e tecnologie, mentre il musicista colombiano Nico Yurgaki si occupa del sound design e della musica dello spettacolo.
NÓMADAS si avvale inoltre della scenografia di Rui Francisco, dei costumi di Catarina Fernandes, del disegno luci di João Neca e Rita Louzeiro, del supporto alla corporalità di Catarina Câmara, dell’assistenza alla direzione artistica di Raul Atalaia, della ricerca di Nuno Atalaia, della produzione di Diana Martins.


From the short story by

Olga Tokarczuk


Dramaturgy and staging

João Neca



Ana Lúcia Palminha e Rita Brito


Set design

Rui Francisco


Video design and technology

Elena Tilli


Original music and sound design

Nico Yurgaki


Costumes and props

Catarina Fernandes



Carlos Carreto


Light design

Rita Louzeiro e João Neca


Assistant Artistic direction 

Raul Atalaia


Corporality support

Catarina Câmara



Nuno Atalaia


Production management

Diana Martins



Teatro O Bando


in the framework of the European project PLAYON partnership

Instituto Politécnico Instituto Politécnico da Guarda, Cistifellea e

Associação Crescer

Swing, move, walk! That’s the only way you can escape him. He, who rules the world has no
power over movement and knows that our body in motion is sacred. And you can only
escape him when you are moving. Because he only exercises power over that which is immobile
and immobilised, over what is passive and inert.
Olga Tokarczuk

Presented at:

Teatro O Bando, Palmela, Lisbon, Portugal




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Composer, pianist, guitarist and percussionist specialized in Jazz and Afro-Caribbean music. Creator of soundtracks for audiovisuals and performing arts.
Song writer.
Double degree in Jazz Piano from the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, Colombia and the Escuela Superior de Música de Catauña, Spain.

Nicolás is the co-founder of the Cistifellea Collective together with the director and stage designer Elena Tilli, where he works as a sound designer, performer, and writer. His practice of improvisation and his emphatic approach during the process offers unique possibilities.

He investigates unconventional forms of participation of the public while attending a performance and as inspiration to his process with sound. He develops specific tools for interaction and builds custom-based small-scale instruments.

Using software, and electronic sounds, together with live played instruments, Nicolas allows himself a fullscale exploration that together with his wide versatility as a musician and composer, opens up a high level of complexity that translates into a beautiful, inspiring, and sometimes provocative experience for the public.

Nicolas is also a singer-songwriter, leader, and manager of the independent musical project Yurgaki since 2005.

Composer and co-producer of the projects Candombe Tierra, Sones de Marimba, Chonta Dura, in Barcelona.
His work has been presented internationally in countries such as Ecuador, United States, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Ecuador, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Colombia and Spain.
Nicolás also works as an educator for children, youth and adults. He promotes Afro-Caribbean music around the world through concerts and workshops where he spreads various musical genres, disseminating traditional music and transforming it through his own compositions.

Find out more at yurgaki.com



Elena is a multidisciplinary artist.

She insists on the body as the epicenter of scenic language while researching, studying, developing post-dramatic approaches to technological constructions she develops, engineers and builds.

Elena is the co-founder of the Cistifellea Collective together with the musician Nicolas Cristancho, in which she directs, and builds scenery, machines, and media design. She is also a video designer in the theater and her collaborations have been seen at The Kitchen Theater in New York, at the Barichstaadt Opera in Munich, and in public theaters in Barcelona.

After graduating in mechanical engineering (MA), Elena completed her education at Yale School of Drama studying Technical Design and Production and Design for Theater. She completed the three years program held by Claudia Castellucci at Scuola Conia Raffaello Sanzio focused on the Theory of Scenic Representation. Since 2021 Elena is an alumni Fellow at the Akademie für Theater und Digitalität, Dortmund with which she continues to partner and develop her work.

Elena creates visual experiences combining technical and technological elements, for a variety of artistic applications, such as performance, installations and theater productions. Her practice focuses on the process and aims to develop dramaturgies that inhabit technology, always guided by the commitment to find in the collaboration a unique and essential value.

n 2023 she directs, stage and technology design Coded Rituals together with Camila Scholtbach and NIcolas Yurgaki. The performance is co-produced by Cistifellea Collective and Theater Im Depot and it opened the Festival Beyond Gravity in November 2023.
In 2022, the performance Presence of Absent was funded by the Kulturbüro of the city of Dortmund and the NRW Kultur Sekretariät as part of the project Distant Land Vol I. It was seen at Lake Studios Berlin as a work in progress and later premiered at Theater Im Depot in February 2023.
With Cistifellea she directed the performances/long theater pieces Codes of Absence (2023), Presence of Absent (2022), Don’t Make it A Play (2022), Asuntos Humanos (2021), Todo Bien Todo Tranqui (2021), El Silencio no Existe (2020).

In 2023 she was the video designer and technologist in the theater piece Nomadas, premiering at Teatro OBando, Lisbon in April.
She also assisted video designer Susanne Steinmassl as a stage live camera coordinator, content creator and film editor in Die Nibelungen Festspiele in Worms in 2023.

In September 2022 she was part of Digital Body Archive residency at Lake Studios Berlin. Here she began, together with more than 15 fellows a research focusing on the principle of “no technology before need” (as suggested by TroikaRanch) as a start, to then tailor the technology she wanted to see by creating artwork that uses/misuses tech that was available.

In September 2022 she was also part of te project Togather with the installation titled Unlearning Journey into a virtual body. The project was funded by NRW Kultur Sekretariät and premiered at Favoriten Festival 2022 – Unlearning for Possible Futures.

With Cistifellea she directed the performances/long theater pieces Codes of Absence (2023), Presence of Absent (2022), Don’t Make it A Play (2022), Asuntos Humanos (2021), Todo Bien Todo Tranqui (2021), El Silencio no Existe (2020).

Find out more at elenatilli.com