Cistifellea is a multidisciplinary collective based in Dortmund, Germany,  founded by Elena Tilli, set, video designer, and technologist, and Nico Yurgaki writer, musician, and performer.

Together they work to develop dramaturgy that inhabits both cutting-edge technology and body through the perception of rhythm, sound compositions, and the building of structures, systems, and spaces. Their work develops around personal themes they feel connected with.

As permanent migrants, they have been investigating the role played by technology as a frontier. How video technology can speak about absence. 

They are interested in questioning the implications of making technology a must-be in artistic expression.

Cistifellea works aims to bring  on stage a convergence of traditional and contemporary artistic references within theater and performance. For them, each project is an experience, an opportunity for personal growth and individual and collective artistic learning.


Cistifellea es un colectivo multidisciplinar con sede en Dortmund, Alemania, fundado por Elena Tilli, escenógrafa, diseñadora de vídeo y tecnóloga, y Nico Yurgaki, escritor, músico e intérprete.

Juntos trabajan para desarrollar una dramaturgia que habite tanto la tecnología punta como el cuerpo a través de la percepción del ritmo, las composiciones sonoras y la construcción de estructuras, sistemas y espacios. Su trabajo se desarrolla en torno a temas personales con los que se sienten conectados.

Como emigrantes permanentes, han estado investigando el papel que desempeña la tecnología como frontera. Cómo la tecnología de vídeo puede hablar de la ausencia.

Les interesa cuestionar las implicaciones de hacer de la tecnología un elemento imprescindible en la expresión artística.

Los trabajos de Cistifellea pretenden llevar a escena una convergencia de referencias artísticas tradicionales y contemporáneas dentro del teatro y la performance. Para ellos, cada proyecto es una experiencia, una oportunidad para el crecimiento personal y el aprendizaje artístico individual y colectivo.


Cistifellea è un collettivo multidisciplinare con sede a Dortmund, in Germania, fondato da Elena Tilli, scenografa, video designer e tecnologa, e Nico Yurgaki, scrittore, musicista e performer.

Insieme lavorano allo sviluppo di una drammaturgia che abita sia la tecnologia d’avanguardia sia il corpo attraverso la percezione del ritmo, le composizioni sonore e la costruzione di strutture, sistemi e spazi. Il loro lavoro si sviluppa intorno a temi personali a cui si sentono legati.

In qualitá di migranti permanenti, indagano il ruolo della tecnologia come frontiera e limite. Come la tecnologia video può parlare di assenza.

I loro lavori intavolano una discussione sulle implicazioni del rendere la tecnologia un elemento imprescindibile dell’espressione artistica, non cercando in essa di risaltare gli aspetti decorativi e spettacolari.

I lavori di Cistifellea mirano a portare in scena una convergenza di riferimenti artistici tradizionali e contemporanei nell’ambito del teatro e della performance. Per loro, ogni progetto è un’esperienza, un’opportunità di crescita personale e di apprendimento artistico individuale e collettivo.


Composer, pianist, guitarist and percussionist specialized in Jazz and Afro-Caribbean music. Creator of soundtracks for audiovisuals and performing arts.
Song writer.
Double degree in Jazz Piano from the Universidad Javeriana de Bogotá, Colombia and the Escuela Superior de Música de Catauña, Spain.

Nicolás is the co-founder of the Cistifellea Collective together with the director and stage designer Elena Tilli, in which he works as a sound designer, performer, and writer. His practice of improvisation and his capability to connect directly with the performers in real-time offers unique possibilities to the process. He also loves to experiment with what the participation of the public can offer to sound by developing specific tools for interaction and building custom-based small-scale instruments. By using software and electronic sounds, together with live played instruments, Nicolas allows himself a fullscale exploration that together with his wide versatility as a musician and composer, opens up a high level of complexity that translates into a beautiful, inspiring and sometimes provocative experience for the public.

Nicolas is also a singer-songwriter, leader, and manager of the independent musical project Yurgaki since 2005.

Composer and co-producer of the projects Candombe Tierra, Sones de Marimba, Chonta Dura, in Barcelona.
His work has been presented internationally in countries such as Ecuador, United States, France, Italy, Croatia, Romania, Ecuador, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Colombia and Spain.
Nicolás also works as an educator for children, youth and adults. He promotes Afro-Caribbean music around the world through concerts and workshops where he spreads various musical genres, disseminating traditional music and transforming it through his own compositions.



Elena is a multidisciplinary artist.

She insists on the body as the epicenter of scenic language while creating experiences for the spectator.

Elena is the co-founder of the Cistifellea Collective together with the musician Nicolas Cristancho, in which she directs, and builds scenery, machines, and media design. She is also a video designer in the theater and her collaborations have been seen at The Kitchen Theater in New York, at the Barichstaadt Opera in Munich, and in public theaters in Barcelona.

After graduating in mechanical engineering (MA), Elena completed her education at Yale School of Drama studying Technical Design and Production and Design for Theater. She completed the three years program held by Claudia Castellucci at Scuola Conia Raffaello Sanzio focused on the Theory of Scenic Representation.

Elena creates visual experiences combining elements of video, sound, and light for a variety of artistic applications. Her practice merges the research of the surrounding elements combined with curated improvisation to find new possibilities throughout the process, always guided by the commitment to find in the collaboration a unique and essential value.

In 2022 she received a scholarship from Daku, Berlin. She holds a scholarship from the Favoriten Festival (2022), Dortmund. She is a fellow of the Beyond Gravity project of Theater Im Depot, Dortmund. She is a fellow of the Digital Body program at the studio Lake Studios Berlin. In 2021 she receives a scholarship from the Akademie für Theater und Digitalität, Dortmund.
In 2019, Elena received the residency offered by Troikatronix-Isadora and LakeStudio Berlin. During this time she created the short piece Ex Matrice Corpora.

With Cistifellea she directed the shows A&D Presence of Absent (2022), Don’t Make it A Play (2022), Asuntos Humanos (2021), Todo Bien Todo Tranqui (2021) El Silencio no Existe (2020).